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Peaches & Coconut Cream Cobbler Ice Cream
Peaches & Coconut Cream Cobbler Ice Cream I’m making this all peach season, which lasts from May to August in the US, and I can’t wait to make some fun dishes with them. Who else is excited about the peach season? This simple recipe has all the right flavors and a nice crunchy texture from the pecans! You can find the full recipe in the Turnip Vegan Recipe Club tomorrow. Ingredients: 2 + 1/4 cup of chopped peaches (3 -4 small peaches) 2 + 1/4 cup of coconut cream 1/4 cup of agave Toppings: Chopped roasted pecans Chopped peaches Chopped graham crackers Peaches & Coconut Cream Cobbler Ice Cream #peachesandcream #peaces What do you prefer?
Perfectly Delicious Chipotle Mayo using Olive Brine instead of Eggs!
Perfectly Delicious Chipotle Mayo using Olive Brine instead of Eggs!Creating your own plant-based mayo is a breeze with just a few essential tools and spare time. I used olive oil for this recipe, but you can also use avocado. The olive brine and the olive oil give this mayo a nice, mellow flavor that went well with my carrot sandwich. I love Chipotle, but you can have fun with this and make it yours. My next mayo will be a lemon dill! Recipe can be found here. #plantbased #mayo #replacements #chipotle
3 Replacements for Bacon Part 1
3 Replacements for Bacon Part 1 I love making these videos with tips for newbies or ideas for the OGs. I wish I had access to short tips when I started my journey seven years ago. This one hits home because bacon and cheese were the hardest for me to let go of, so you know I am dropping part 2 off this one. These options dont taste identical to bacon, but they are excellent replacements due to flavor and texture. It’s all about recreating textures and flavors! Here are three replacements for bacon below. Mushrooms 🍄 like shitake, king oyster, & oyster mushrooms - Meaty & Umami Flavor Young Green Plantains 🍌 - Firm texture and mild flavor when unripe, which makes them suitable for absorbing smoky, savory bacon-like flavors through a marinade Carrots 🥕- Flavor Absorption & Versatility
Welcome to Mangoville🥭 with Skrimpz!
Welcome to Mangoville🥭 with Skrimpz! Cookbook Sale until April 8th for 10% off my physical cookbook! Today, I am combining my Lion’s Mane Skrimpz, but instead of using my maple garlic sauce, I added this delicious Mangoville Hot Sauce I made in Jamaica last year with my bro @vitalmikal at @vitalfrequencyretreat . I picked fresh mangos from the trees and used what we had available to create this sweet, savory, and hot sauce. You can find both recipes in my Cookbook “It’s All About Plantz & Mushroomz” or in the Turnip Vegan Recipe Club, which has over 100 other vegan recipes. The link is in the bio, or you can head to Give the Gift of a cookbook this Mother’s Day, 10% off until April 8th! #sauce #cookbook #mango
Three Replacements For Cheese Part 2
Sweet Potato Waffle Sandwich 🧇 🥪
Sweet Potato Waffle Sandwich 🧇 🥪 Part 4 Fire Sandwiches made with Plantz & Mushroomz This sandwich is a spin-off of one of the top sandwiches we used to sell at my old cafe @spoiledvegans back in 2019 -2020. The sandwich was called 16th and Island because it was on cross streets. I used to have so much fun with food back then. There are no rules, just pure fun and creativity. I have upgraded this sandwich with sweet potato waffles and mushroom bacon. The sandwich has sweet potato waffles, sliced red bell peppers, plant-based slices, mung bean egg with cheese, mushroom siracha maple bacon, micro greens, and cashew chipotle sauce, all made from scratch.
California Burrito 🌯 👇🏾
California Burrito 🌯 👇🏾 What state makes the best burritos? I have to say California! I grew up in San Diego and the Midwest. I was born in the Midwest, and while I was still an infant, my mom moved us to San Diego, CA, for the first time. I said the first time because we went back and forth from the CA to the mid during my life. Growing up in SD, I was blessed to enjoy some of the best tacos, rolled tacos, and fire burritos like this California burrito. After doing some research, I found that it sounds like this CA burrito was created in SD during the 80s. I dont know how true this is, but if you have never tried this burrito, you are missing out. I used Lion’s Mane mushroom to replace the steak. The burrito also has seasoned fries, pico de gallo, vegan cheese guacamole, and macadami
Nashville Hot Snow Oyster Mushroom
Nashville Hot Snow Oyster Mushroom 🍄🌶️🥬🥒 So, I wasn’t always Team Mushroom, believe it or not. Like, I barely remember munching on them before diving deep into my plant-based journey. I may have sipped on some mushroom broth once. Lol. But yo, everything flipped in 2017 when I hit up Donna Jeans @donnajeanofficial Restaurant in San Diego. They served up these Nashville Hot mushrooms that were all crispy, juicy, and bursting with flavor – my mind was totally blown. Then, after peeping “Fantastic Fungi,” @fantasticfungi I went all in with mushrooms. Now? I can’t imagine life without ‘em. It’s wild how new vibes can change your life, especially when you’re whipping up your magic far from the city hustle. I’m dropping this recipe into the Turnip Vegan Recipe Club, stacking it with 100+ o
Four ingredient Macadamia Sour Cream
Four ingredient Macadamia Sour Cream This might be one of the most straightforward recipes I have done. Sour cream goes amazing on tacos and wraps. For this recipe, you only need four ingredients. Macadamia nuts are so creamy and perfect for making sour cream. Macadamia nuts can be expensive, so I recommend buying in bulk, searching for online deals, or checking your area’s local farmers markets. Ingredients below: 1 + 1/2 cup of macadamia nuts with no salt 1/2 cup of plant milk or water 2 Tbsp of lemon Pinch of salt What's your favorite option to make Plantbased sauces?
Would you try walnut meat?
Would you try Almond Crumble Meat, and if so, how would you use it? I have made walnut crumbles and pecan crumbles, and I had a big bag of almonds lying around, so I decided to make Almond crumble meat. If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I love testing plant-based meats in wraps and burritos. :) As per my recent experience, I noticed that almonds have a distinct texture that is crunchier and less soft compared to walnuts and pecans. Due to their lower fat content, they require a different cooking approach than the others. I had to add some coconut oil and blended chocolate sauce to help with the monster. Furthermore, I observed that using almond meat adds a sweeter flavor profile than the other two. Despite this, I thoroughly enjoyed the almond meat and have
Harissa Agave Pockets 🔥🥲👇🏾
Harissa Agave Pockets 🔥🥲👇🏾 How do you feel about jackfruit? It took me a while to love using jackfruit in recipes, but now jackfruit stays in my back pocket as an option when I am not using mushrooms. So many people don’t like jackfruit because of the texture when it’s cooked or because it is sweet. Using young green jackfruit is an easy way to fix the sweet taste. When it comes to the texture, I like to dehydrate the jackfruit and then infuse my marinate secondly. This tends to create a more meating taste. This harissa agave went well with caramelized onions, some leftover wild rice, jalapenos, and cheese stuffed in a pastry puff. Straight fire! My shirt, mouth, and kitchen had crazy flakes from the pastry puff. This full recipe will be in the Turnip Vegan Recipe Club later today with
Buffalo Walnut Rolls 🔥🔥
Keep it fun in the kitchen 🥲👇🏾💜 Buffalo Walnut Rolls 🔥🔥 I made this recipe almost four years ago, and it still deserves rotation. If you have watched me over the years, I have continued improving my cooking and creating. I truly believe in balance and food with good flavor and perfect textures. This is a simple recipe that you can fry or air fry and satisfy the munchies when you want a treat. As I said in the video, I try to be mindful when introducing someone to plant-based food and do my best to introduce them to foods loaded with flavor. It could turn that person off from the vibes if it doesn’t taste good. This is a recipe I would whip out to a non-vegan. This recipe can be found in the Turnip Vegan Recipe Club with over 100+ recipes and in my “It’s All About The Walnuts” e-book.
Free Mindful Eating Reset No-Cook Cookbook. LIMITED Time!
🌟🥑 Start 2024 with Vibrant Health! Download your FREE "Mindful Eating Reset (No-Cook Cookbook)" now! 🌿 Inside, you'll find 11 energizing Raw Vegan Recipes for a healthy, delicious year ahead. 🍊🥝🥬 Dive into recipes like Citrus Sunrise Juice, Kiwi Cucumber Ginger Juice, and Kale Salad with Tahini Cashew Sauce. Perfect for a nutritious reset or everyday wellness! 🌱 I'm kicking off the year with a 16-hour fast and 3 days of raw vegan meals. Join me in feeling fantastic in 2024! Even if you're not always a raw vegan, these recipes are great for those times you need a health boost. ✨ To grab your Ebook, just visit A pop-up will ask for your email – enter it, and your Ebook will be emailed to you. Let’s nourish our bodies and enjoy delicious food together #MindfulEating #R
Raw Avocado Jalapeno Pasta is 🔥🥲
I am not a raw vegan, but I love how it makes me feel to fuel my body with whole foods & fresh vibes! 💜💜💜 Raw Avocado Jalapeno Pasta It is hard to deny that you feel good when you eat well. I am far from perfect when it comes to eating, but I always try to do better. This is why I eat mindfully at least three days each month. We have 11k beautiful people in the community who feel the same way! As we approach the New Year, I wish everyone good health, joy, and peace all year. Let’s kick the year off right together! Join me on a 3-Day Mindful Eating journey, January 1st - 3rd. Link in bio! I will drop this full recipe in the 3-Day Mindful Eating Broadcast later today! Also, I will add all the essential mindful eating kitchen tools to the link in my bio. #rawvegan #2024 #veganuary #
Cooking With Mushrooms Is Fun!
What is your favorite mushroom? I used to hate mushrooms, but not anymore. So, I have been vegan for seven years, and can you believe that in my first three years, I didn’t like mushrooms? They were too chewy and weird to me. I changed my view on mushrooms after watching a documentary called Fantastic Fungi and playing with recipes using Lion’s Mane. There are so many types of mushrooms, and they all have different tastes and textures. Now, I am in love with mushrooms and understand there are many ways to cook them. I love them so much that I made a cookbook called “It’s All About Plantz & Mushroomz.” Check out all these fun dishes I have made using mushrooms in the last few years. Most of these recipes are in my cookbook or the Turnip Vegan Recipe Club. The link is up north. #recip