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Growing Mushrooms At Home: Here is my set up!
Here is the complete setup that I use to grow mushrooms at home. I get questions all the time about my setup. I am sorry it took me so long to make this video. #growingmushrooms #Homegrowing #northsporepartner Boom Room Tent: You can use a Marta tent or make your own at home. • Humidifier: - Came with the tent, but you can find them online separately • Air Filter: - Came with a tent, but you can find them online separately • Humidifier control: The tent came with one, but I bought one with a double outlet plug to plug two things into it. Carbon Air Filter: - I found it on Amazon It is essential to know that mushroom growing may not be for everyone, so start with a spray and grow kit to ensure you enjoy growing first. You can make your own tent or buy one with everything you nee
Found reishi mushrooms growing in the wild
Nature’s treasure 🍄✨ Found these beautiful Reishi mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum) thriving in their natural habitat! 🌲🌳 💚 Today, we stumbled upon a hidden gem in the lush forests of Cahuita National Park Not only are they a stunning sight with their glossy, red-varnished caps, but they’re also a symbol of longevity and vitality. 🌟🌿 It’s always a magical experience to stumble upon these gifts from Mother Nature while exploring the enchanting depths of the forest. 🌱🌀 Remember to harvest ethically and responsibly! 💚🌍 #ReishiMushrooms ##NatureLovers #ExploreTheWild #GiftsFromNature #ForestAdventures #turnipvegan #checkthevibes
Growing my own food - Harvesting Shiitake Mushroom for the first time 🥹🙏🏾
I am harvesting my first flush of Shiitake Mushrooms. This is my first time growing shiitake mushrooms, and they grow so differently on a fruiting block than the other mushrooms I have had a chance to grow. They grew fast, big, and from everywhere. Growing mushrooms at home are fresher, and it is fun to grow. We bought our first spray and grow kit about three years ago, and about a year and a half ago, we stepped up to grow on fruiting blocks. You can produce more on fruiting blocks but need a controlled environment. I started using a BoomRoom, and then we traveled a lot, so I chilled on growing. Now we have a system that can self-manage the airflow and humidity so we can still go camping and come home to fresh mushrooms. This year I am taking my growth to the next level. If you wa
Growing My Own Food at home is such a vibe!
I harvested some fresh Pink Oyster mushrooms today, which look fantastic. Growing mushrooms at home look better and are cleaner than the ones I get at the stores. I was asked if you can get multiple flushes with each fruiting block. I have been lucky to get two or even three flushes with the same block. Now that is dope, and it saves money. Pink oyster mushrooms have a mild and slightly sweet flavor with a delicate aroma. They are often described as having a somewhat meaty or nutty taste and a tender, velvety texture. They can develop a slight umami flavor, similar to cooked meat when cooked. Overall, pink oyster mushrooms are a tasty and versatile ingredient in many dishes.
Do Not GROW Mushrooms in a Tent unless you have this!!
Do Not GROW Mushrooms in a Tent unless you have this!! Growing mushrooms is a delicate process and requires precise control over the temperature and humidity levels in the growing environment. I recommend using a humidity controller for the airflow and humidity if growing in a grow tent. Two essential aspects of growing mushrooms are controlling the temperature and humidity, which under control is crucial to ensure your mushrooms grow healthy and strong. I am installing a new humidity controller that will humidify and dehumidify my mushroom tent based on the set humidity level I set in the controller. This allows me to grow my mushroom when I am traveling. Most important, the mushroom will look beautiful and taste delicious. I am in grow mode for 2023, starting with stepping up my