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Before anyone gets any ideas, this series isn& about people in the nude, the characters are (somewhat) well adjusted people who do not partake in exhibitionism-sorry to disappoint you! This is jus.

More =kinkei Pin ups . [link] [link] [link] Do NOT use my art without my permission or host on any . White ruffles pin up

Went for a retro style/colour for this one. Ive seen a few artist draw just bits of women like this, so i thought why not.

I finally got around to cleaning up one of my girl sketches. art © kei phillips Do NOT use my artwork without my permission, do not edit alter, trace, reproduce or distr.

girl in Yellow by kinkei

freckles pin up by *kinkei

She just had to be in the animal print! hope you all like A redhead pin up to go with the rest of my pin up girls! More =kinkei Pin ups [link] [link] [l. freckles pin up