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Premium Blogger Plugins Series - Get Stylish Blogger Widgets
Hey fellow bloggers', we have launched our new series Premium Blogger Plugins where we will be primarily focusing on creating blogger widgets, customizing them to give a premium look and sharing the customized product with everyone for FREE.
the sub page for our newsletter, which is now available on your website
Attractive Eye-Catching Email Subscription Box For Blogger Sidebar
Email Subscription box allows readers to subscribe blog contents. Learn how to add attractive email subscription box in blogger sidebar.
the star ratings page for popular post is shown in this screenshote image, which shows
Add Stylish Popular Posts Widget With Star Rating In Blogger
Transform your Blogger blog with flair! Learn to add a Stylish Popular Posts Widget featuring Star Ratings. Elevate user engagement and showcase your top-rated content effortlessly. Follow our simple guide for a standout Blogger experience! #BloggerTips #PopularPosts #StarRating
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Add Professional Multi-Author Box With Social Icons In Blogger
Give your Blogger blog a pro touch! Learn to add a cool Multi-Author Box with social icons. Boost your team's visibility and connect with readers effortlessly. Follow our easy guide for a polished Blogger vibe! #BloggerTips #ProfessionalTouch #BloggingPerks
the wordpress email box for bloggers
Premium WordPress Like Email Subscription Box For Blogger
Upgrade your Blogger experience with a Premium WordPress-like Email Subscription Box! Elevate your blog's professionalism and user engagement effortlessly. Learn how to seamlessly integrate this premium feature with our step-by-step guide. Enhance your Blogger blog's appeal and connect with your audience in style. Elevate your subscription game now! #BloggerTips #PremiumSubscriptionBox #EmailMarketing
the social share widget for bloggers is shown in this graphic above it's icons
Responsive Floating Social Share Widget For Blogger | Light-Weight Plugin
To boost traffic and promote content, floating social share buttons plays important role. In this tutorial, I'm going to share light-weight floating social share widget for blogger that does not require API calls and is responsive.
the words before hover after hover are placed in different colors and shapes on a white background
Add Beautiful Social Media Buttons To Your Blog [Pure CSS]
Today, we have launched Pure CSS based beautiful social buttons to add in your blog. The plugin is super light weight and attractive. #SharingButton #Blogger #PureCSS #HTML
the add style map page for blogger blogs to make them look like they're using
Add Stylish Sitemap Page To Blogger [Pro Version]
Sitemap page lists all published posts of a blogger. In this article, we will share a customized and stylish pro version of sitemap page design.
the sign up page for free blogging updates in your email form is shown here
Stylish Horizontal Email Subscription Box Widget For Blogger
Add a stylish, neat and clean horizontal email subscription box widget in post footer of your blogger blog to increase the opt-in rate. Get it here.
the webpage for an upcoming facebook page is shown in this screenshote image
Stylish Subscription Box For Blogger With Social Buttons
Stylish Subscription Box For Blogger With Social Buttons
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New Stylish Sidebar Subscription Box Widget For Blogger
Revamp your Blogger blog with a fresh look! Introduce the Stylish Sidebar Subscription Box Widget effortlessly. Learn how to add this sleek feature to engage your readers and grow your subscriber base. Elevate your Blogger style with our easy tutorial. #BloggerWidgets #StylishSubscription #GrowYourBlog
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Make Embedded Videos Responsive in Blogger - Add Elegant Frames
Upgrade your Blogger blog's video presentation! Discover how to make embedded videos responsive and add elegant frames with our easy guide. Elevate the visual appeal of your content and create a seamless viewing experience. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to enhance the elegance of your Blogger blog effortlessly. #BloggerTips #ResponsiveVideos #ElegantFrames
the social media share button for bloggers
Add Custom Social Media Share Buttons to Blogger Posts
Social Media Buttons allow readers to share content with ease. Grab our premium customized social media buttons for free and add them in blogger post. #SocialWidget #Blogger #CleanDesign
the screen shot of sitemap page for bloggers to view and share their content
Add An Elegant HTML Sitemap Page to Blogger Blog
Sitemap page lists all published posts of a blog. Learn how to add beautiful and elegant HTML sitemap page to your blogger website. #Sitemap #Blogger #HTML
a diagram showing the social share bar version 2, with different colors and numbers on it
Add Floating Social Media Share Widget For Blogger with Counter
Give your Blogger blog a social boost! Easily add a Floating Social Media Share Widget with our step-by-step guide. Enhance user engagement and amplify your content's reach effortlessly. Elevate your Blogger experience – follow our tutorial now! #BloggerTips #FloatingShareWidget #SocialMediaBoost