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260 sq ft Balinese cottage by Mandala Homes as an enclosed aviary w/ portable spa and waterscape ~ ♡

…Beautifully built small homes from ecologically minded Mandala Homes. Built in Bali (but can be shipped world wide) they feature unique features like coconut wood and hand crafted exterior details.” – Treading TINY See more Exotic tiny homes

my name is and I'll be taking over the account today!June nights in Montana. If I had my way it would get dark at all year long. My Aunts cabin in Coram, Montana is the perfect place to spend those nights after a day In Glacier National Park.

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Boeing 777 landing gear - the main landing gear six-wheel bogie trucks & struts where the largest ever developed for a commercial airliner. The aft bogie is steerable via hydraulic actuator.