Québec History 10 - The Acadians Deportation

Social Studies - Communities in the Past: Early Days Meteghan (Grade 2 Alberta Social Studies)-video on the expulsion of the Acadians.

Québec History 6 - French and English Rivalry

why the British and french were at odds and it's effects on new France

Québec History 8 - French and Indian War

Québec a Nation History (Part Cause of the French and Indian War The French and Indian War, also known as the War of the Conquest (Guerre de la Conquête),.

Québec History 4 - The Fall of Huronia

Québec a Nation History (Part The Fall of Huronia The beginning of the Iroquois Wars The story of the Jesuits in Huronia and the genocide of the Huron peo.

Minecraft presentation on the history of New France

A Minecraft recreation of a seigneury in New France in the mid This is my attempt to show my students this unique form of land distribution.

Québec History 5 - The End of the Iroquois Wars

Québec a Nation History (Part The End of the Iroquois Wars The beaver wars, also called the Iroquois Wars or the French and Iroquois Wars, commonly refer .

Québec History 9 - Battle of the Monongahela

Québec a Nation History (Part Braddock's Defeat Braddock expedition Battle of the Wilderness On July Braddock's men crossed the Monongahela witho.

Québec History 7 - Great Peace of Montreal 1701

Québec a Nation History (Part Great Peace of Montreal 1701 The Great Peace of Montreal was a peace treaty between New France and 39 First Nations of North.

Québec History 2

Québec History 2 - 1608 Samuel de Champlain (This is really good. Puts you right there at the beginning of Champlain's Québec) When you think of how brave and intrepid these early explorers of our country were, it just makes one amazed (and very proud).