A Young Wodaabe girl

queennubian: omoysnextplace: A Wodaabe girl photographed by Marie-Laure de Decker Beautiful African Princess :) adorable!::melttttttts:: I want to be Wodaabe


"Generals of south centrals" ~ Photo by Maximo Gaia on - Cleveland Street photoshoot

Untitled by John Kenny, via 500px

Northern Kenya Beautiful Photography by John Kenny taken with Africa's remotest tribes. Fine art prints in black and white, also colour, are available to buy in signed, limited editions. Facing Africa: the book is out now

Buryat Girl, Russia

Young Buryat girl in traditional dress, Lake Baikal, Buryatia, Russia. © Photo by Pavel Ageychenko, BaikalNature Team

"Crone Wisdom"

Grandmother Margarita Núñez García, Curandera and Wisdom Keeper ~ Mexico