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Rising Stars

Collection by UBC Engineering


Rising Stars are graduating students passionate about their chosen engineering field—whether it be mechanical, chemical, geological, civil, or another discipline—above all, they seek to make meaningful contributions to the betterment of society. We interviewed our graduating students with their shiny iron rings, on their road to amazing innovation. #UBCAPSCstars

UBC Engineering
Meet Kimberly Gulevich, B. Environmental Engineering, Interview, Meet, Stars, Women, Fashion, Moda, Fashion Styles, Sterne

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Meet Kimberly Gulevich, B.A.Sc. '15, Environmental Engineering #UBCAPSCstars

Meet Maitrayee Dhaka, B. Mechanical Engineering, Winter Jackets, Meet, Stars, Women, Fashion, Winter Coats, Moda, Winter Vest Outfits

Meet Maitrayee Dhaka, B.A.Sc. '15, Mechanical Engineering #UBCAPSCstars

Meet Andrea Palmer, B. Iron Ring, Mechanical Engineering, Meet, Stars, Women, Sterne, Engineering, Star, Woman

Meet Andrea Palmer, B.A.Sc. '15, Mechanical Engineering #UBCAPSCstars

Meet Tiana Jihyung Im, B.Sc Electrical and Computer Engineering Tiana, Computer Engineering, Charity, Meet, Inspirational, Stars, Women, Sterne, Computer Science

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Meet Tiana Jihyung Im, B.A.Sc '15, Electrical and Computer Engineering #UBCAPSCstars

Meet Lucas Cahill, B. Physics, Interview, Engineering, Meet, Stars, Sterne, Technology, Star, Physique

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Meet Lucas Cahill, B.A.Sc. '15, Engineering Physics #UBCAPSCstars

Meet Maliha Jat, B. Chemical and Biological Engineering Engineering, Meet, Long Hair Styles, Stars, Beauty, Women, Long Hairstyle, Sterne, Long Haircuts

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Meet Maliha Jat, B.A.Sc. '15, Chemical and Biological Engineering #UBCAPSCstars

Meet Jordan Balanko, B. Mechanical Engineering, Geology, Jordans, Meet, Stars, Sterne, Engineering, Star

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Meet Jordan Balanko, B.A.Sc. '15, Mechanical Engineering #UBCAPSCstars

Meet Husnain Haider, PhD School of Engineering School Of Engineering, Geology, Interview, Meet, Stars, Sterne, Star

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Meet Husnain Haider, PhD '15, School of Engineering #UBCAPSCstars

"I’ve always wanted a career where I feel I am helping people. I chose engineering because I thought it would give me the best opportunities to do this." Andrea Marshall, Electrical and Computer Engineering Computer Engineering, Things To Think About, Long Hair Styles, Helping People, Career, Meet, Stars, Women, Carrera

Meet Andrea Marshall, B.A.Sc. '16, Electrical and Computer Engineering #UBCAPSCstars

Meet Adam Noel, PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering Computer Engineering, Interview, Student, Stars, Mens Tops, Noel, Sterne, Computer Science, Star

Meet Adam Noel, PhD '15, Electrical and Computer Engineering #UBCAPSCstars

Meet Ajaydeep Singh, B. Mechanical Engineering, Interview, Men Casual, Meet, Stars, Mens Tops, Sterne, Engineering, Star

Meet Ajaydeep Singh, B.A.Sc. '15, Mechanical Engineering #UBCAPSCstars

Meet Alexander Harmsen, B. Iron Ring, Physics, Interview, Engineering, Meet, Student, Stars, Sterne, Technology

Meet Alexander Harmsen, B.A.Sc '15, Engineering Physics #UBCAPSCstars

Meet Alyssa Schultz, B. Civil Engineering, Civilization, Interview, Meet, Inspirational, Stars, Women, Sterne, Star

Meet Alyssa Schultz, B.A.Sc. '15, Civil Engineering #UBCAPSCstars

Meet David Slade, B. Iron Ring, Geology, Interview, Engineering, David, Meet, Student, Stars, Sterne

Meet David Slade, B.A.Sc. '15, Materials Engineering #UBCAPSCstars