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Slave Ship by Christina 123. Hard to believe but slavery is more prevalent today than in the 1860s.

Rescued east African slaves crowd the deck of the HMS Daphne. - Extremely rare photo of packed slave merchant ship. Rescued slaves aboard HMS Daphne, a British Royal Navy vessel involved in anti-slave trade activities in the Indian Ocean, 1868

People who don't read history books are unaware that a huge number of "cowboys" driving herds to the railheads in Kansas were Indians. And many don't know that some of "Indians" who raided the drives for beef in the the "nations" were runaway slaves and ex-slaves adopted into the tribes in the Oklahoma territory. Western movies don't tell you that. THE MOST FEARFUL RIDERS WERE THE BLACK "POSTAL" COWBOYS----ALL DELIVERED ON TIME ---

A huge number of the "cowboys" driving herds to the railheads in Kansas were Native Americans. And some runaway slaves and ex-slaves were adopted into the tribes in the Oklahoma territory. But western movies don't tell you that.

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Indulge in the lavish luxury of the color orange in Laüra Hollick’s Orange Gallery.

♍ Henry Louis Gates, Jr., (September 16, 1950 in Keyser, WV) is a literary critic, educator, scholar, writer, editor, and public intellectual. He was the first African American to receive the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fellowship. He received a MacArthur Foundation grant in ‘81 to support his research for the Black Periodical Literary Project. Gates is an African-American educator and scholar, and the director of the W. E. B. DuBois Institute for African and African-American Research.

Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research and the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor at Harvard University.

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