What's in my kids' Easter Basket? With Sophia

We are making Easter basket for our 2 year old toddler and 11 year old pre-teen. Sophia, 2 year old, decides to invade the video and have fun while exploring.

How To Clean Top Load Washing Machine

Did you know your washing machine NEEDS to be cleaned too? It is important to keep your washing machine clean. Learn how to effectively clean away bacteria, .

DIY Kitty Ears Hairstyle

Do it Yourself Kitty Ears with your own hair! Low-cost way of doing kids' hair for occasions like Crazy Hair Day at school or Halloween.

Super Sophia Sis.

This clip is intro to Sophia's first birthday video. It shows conception in a family-friendly way using Super Mario Bros.

DIY Toddler TuTu / Halloween 2016

Easy at home Do It Yourself TuTu for any age! I made this yellow TuTu as a part of a Halloween costume. Ciara was a Pokemon Trainer & Sophia was Pikachu!

Bean Boozled Challenge (Kids try for first time)

Kids try Bean Boozled for first time. Rules for this challenge was to eat 5 beans at once without spitting out and it wasn't pretty!

Easy Dinner Ideas - Chicken & Shrimp Fajitas

Easy Dinner Ideas - Chicken & Shrimp Fajitas