traditional Canadian foods: A small sampling of Canadian foods. Top to bottom, left to right: Montreal-style smoked meat, Maple syrup, Peameal bacon, Butter tart, Poutine, Nanaimo bar

Canadian Cuisine- Montreal-style smoked meat, Maple Syrup, Canadian Back Bacon, Butter tarts, Nanaimo Bars and Poutine.Oh yeah baby!

10 Canadian Restaurants Worth Splurging On | Reader's Digest

10 Canadian Restaurants Worth Splurging On: Reservations are recommended – and a topped-up savings account, too – for these top picks for gourmet dining from coast to coast. (Reader’s Digest Undated)

Moooi lights in a Canadian restaurant made to look like fireworks

I wonder if you could use the Christmas lights set to music idea for fireworks Lighting; different sizes looks like fireworks

10 Must-Try Canadian Restaurants

Expand your dining horizons by exploring the more interesting establishments on offer from coast to coast.

Must try Canadian restaurants

Simple homemade food made from fresh garden ingredients is the name of the game at this small-town restaurant on the province's Bonavista peninsula.