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Unbelievably sad stats about bullying and it's effects

Bullying poster facts- this is a good example of why bullying is a problem. Look at how many students stay home each day from school because they are afraid of bullying. Bullying is a problem because it stops people from getting an education.

Bully free Alberta

Bully Free Alberta images, graphics and materials.

Resources about bullying awareness activities

This website created by the Government of Alberta also has many resources including Bullying help line numbers, inspirational stories, and information on all types of bullying. I like the information it gives about cyber bullying and the law, good informa

You can't take it back!

A teen regrets his participation on a website created to rate others at his school.

Sharing passwords with friends

Hacking, Blackmail, and Cyberbullying Click the picture to view one student's story about their experience with account sharing, popularity contests, and the risk of not protecting your information.