Funny halloween decorations

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a black tombstone sitting on top of a gravel field
RIP Work Ethic Light up Custom Gravestone / Tombstone. LED - Etsy
four people wearing silly hats and necklaces in a living room with wood floors, windows and shutters
Hungry Hungry Hippo DIY Costume
a red text that reads, my head hurts i think my horns are coming in
“Halloween Makeup!” (10.14.19)
a carved pumpkin with a dog on it's face in the center and light inside
a green trash can sitting on top of a table next to a sign and other items
Prop Showcase: - First attempt at making a few props
the ghost is surrounded by christmas wreaths
gb on Tumblr
a man and woman holding a baby in a bucket
Harry Potter Family Costume
a skeleton sitting on top of a metal chair next to a small white dog in the grass
Happy COVID Halloween