Being that I split my time between my home in Chicago & Saskatoon I can totally relate! Shipping stuff back and forth is like buying another plane ticket and takes like 2 weeks to ship express!! WTF!?!

Canadian Problem-HAHA that is hilariously true!

I'm taking french beginners in England and people thought I was joking!

Here in Ontario we learn French in school but only starts in grades You can pursue after that but a lot of us don't. Also, French Canadians think they're better than everyone else.

Canadian problems i think this is esp true out side of Canada - i.e. Europe "nono, where u ACTUALLY from??"

Canadian problems - I always have to explain this, even though I'm third generation Canadian.

Canadian Problems // Definitely happens in Maine.

Canadian Problems // Or "I'm going on a timmy ho's run." *comes back with a massive ass order*.

its poutine!! I love this stuff! So good but so bad for you!

Depends where in Canada you are - in many Anglophone areas, "poutine" is pronounced this way. In French, it's actually "pou-tin". And then there's me as a kid, who said it as "putain" by mistake - thus inadvertently cussing in French.

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I remember encountering this problem whenever I tried to practice French. Though it was usually more of "I know you're Anglophone, so I will just speak to you in English since it's easier" which just made me feel insecure about practicing at all.