In Flanders Fields the poppy grew. Wear your poppies proud. I will.

Poem : In Flanders Fields by Lt. John McCrae, of Montreal, whose body lies in Flanders Field.

Remembrance Day Canada

Remembrance Day Canada Remembering the sacrifice of those who didn't come home, the service of those who did and honouring those who still serve. We stand on guard for thee.

Fields of Heroes, Calgary, Alberta, Canada | by JoLoLog, via Flickr

Fields of Heroes, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This memorial is put up every year along Memorial Drive. Each cross bears the name of a fallen soldier from our area. Sunrise services are held honouring our Heros every morning for several days leading up to

They gave their tomorrows for our todays "My Knight In Body Armour" By Jacqueline Hurley Port Out, Starboard Home Original Art

Soldier and Child By Jacqueline Hurley "My Knight In Body Armour" Port Out, Starboard Home Original Art

Unless You've Been a Soldier - Clive Sanders

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The Poppy

The story of the mom used to sell poppies during Memorial Day Weekend in memory of veterans.

On this day, we thank and honour all those who serve or have served our country. We owe you our lives and our freedoms. Our gratitude is immeasurable. For all that you have sacrificed, we sincerely THANK YOU!

Erin Walker - The Ode. Teach children to say the Ode and what the key terms mean. Print copy for them to take home if they wish.

Remembrance day, when I was a kid, the veterans used to sell poppies, I never realized the significance of it till now.

Vintage poppy artwork printed on a page from an old dictionary

Vintage poppy artwork printed on a page from an old dictionary. This would be a great rememberance tattoo for my dad and nephew