Image of Perennial Herb Collection

Perennial Herb Collection: This selection of hardy ornamental and culinary herbs is a great addition to any garden. Collection includes one package each of Chives, Munstead Lavender, Mint, Oregano, Sage and Winter Thyme.

Image of Lancelot Leek

Lancelot Leek Plants - Harvest beautiful leeks with this dependable, heavy-yielding variety. Thick white shafts 12 to 14 inches long are topped with dark blue-green flags. Has good virus tolerance. (Minimum 50 plants per bunch.

Image of Provider Bean

State Half Runners are an old fashioned favorite that thrive in the harshest growing environments. Great as green or dried, this variety produces to pods that are heat and drought resistant. Matures in 52 days.

Image of Carmen Pepper

Horn-shaped, wide-shouldered red peppers on plants 28 inches tall, 16 inches wide.

Image of Gold Rush Bean

Long, straight pods hang in clusters around the main stem making them easy to pick. The fine flavour and the ability to remain in prime condition on the plant over a long period, makes Gold Rush extremely popular for the home g

Redskin Pepper

The perfect pepper for container gardening. These compact plants are loaded with peppers, and are one of the earliest peppers in our trials to turn red.

Image of York Turnip

"Not a common variety around here, but honestly, pretty indistinguishable from the average, ie Laurentian.

Yaya grown as baby/mini carrots

A versatile Nantes carrot that packs a flavourful punch! Yaya continues to stand out in our trials with its great flavour early in the season.

Image of German Chamomile

The most popular uses of chamomile are in teas and in hair products but because of its lovely scent, it is also great in potpourri.

Albion Parsnip

Among the whitest parsnips we have seen. This hybrid is very vigorous with much better emergence than older varieties, a real plus with parsnips. Albion stores well and does not yellow quickly.

Image of Bopak Pak Choi

Bopak is a tasty addition to Oriental recipes and the tender, crisp leaves can be eaten raw in salads or sandwiches. May be harvested as a baby Pak Choi as well as grown to full size. Compact plant habit is ideal for