Great Recipes for Camping

Various recipes and food ideas for the camper
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an old fashioned goulash casserole is shown in two different pictures
Old Fashioned Goulash - My Incredible Recipes
Old Fashioned Goulash!
there is a plate with strawberries on it and the words campfire strawberries
Campfire Strawberries might make you ditch s'mores forever. Get the recipe at
two pictures of stuffed baked potatoes with meat and cheese
Cottage Pie Baked Potatoes - Easy Stuffed Baked Potatoes Recipe!
Shepherd's Pie Loaded Baked Potatoes - a fun and easy twist on a classic recipe with a simple beef and vegetable filling for stuffed baked potatoes.
a skillet with food cooking on top of it next to an open fire pit
Easy Bannock Bread Camping Treat Recipes
Se how to make great campfire Brannock bread - without burning it! Including cinnamon raisin brannock recipe.
a man holding a large metal bucket with food in it on top of some tin foil
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Trash Can Turkey. We've made these several times while camping and they always turn out great!
two fried eggs sitting on top of a grill
Grilled Fried Eggs Recipe
How to fry eggs on a grill. I am going to use this technique tonight to go along with my grilled crostini!
four different pans with food cooking in them on top of each other and frying
Ol-an-uk The Orphan
bacon balls with bbq sauce on top and the words bang bang in black overlay
~Bang Bang Bacon Balls! - Oh Bite It
Bang Bang Bacon Balls!
there are some meats on skewers over the fire
Campfire Bacon
Campfire Bacon is seriously the best thing I have ever eaten! Like the way they weave it..
three pita breads cooking over an open fire
Viking bread baking by Vrangtante Brun, via Flickr
four pieces of food on a white plate
Chicken Bombs Recipe -
Chicken Bombs...Chicken, bacon, BBQ sauce, and cream cheese?
3 ingredient peanut butter mug cake in a blue cup with the recipe title above it
3 Ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter Mug Cake
3 Ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter Mug Cake... easy, delicious, and ready in 5 minutes!
a cookie doughnut in a jar with a spoon
23 Cookie Dough Desserts That Went Above And Beyond
DIY Cookie Dough Butter
a pizza sitting on top of an oven rack
Cooking pizza on an upside down cast iron skillet over the camp fire - brilliant!!