I Am Canadian!

Me being a Canadian now living in Northern Ireland cannot stop laughing at what an insanely funny bunch of people really we are!
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Welcome to the land where you can get sunburn and frostbite in the same week. Welcome to MISSOURI!

"Winterly introspection." lol

The air hurts my face. Why am I living where the air hurts my face? Need to move from North Dakota lol


I don't know if it's a repost... I just think its funny

America why couldn't Thor's hammer break captain Americas shield Canada maple syrup

33 Things Americans Should Know About Canada. Seriously. Educate yourselves, it's just polite

33 Things Americans Should Know About Canada. Seriously.

33 Things Americans Should Know About Canada. Educate yourselves, it's just polite. I love living here in canada.

Robin Williams on Canada…I love being Canadian :)

Robin Williams on Canada…

"You are a big country. You are the kindest country in the world. You are like a really nice apartment over a meth lab." - Robin Williams on Canada

Captain Canada; being Canadian, this seems... Overly accurate ;)

Captain Canada - This should be my friend Shawn's new nickname.

only in Canada!!

This salty snack is a Canadian favourite and only available in Canada! It can be found on Keele Campus but you have to look around for it.

Being Canadian ♥

Every time I hear a mean joke about being Canadian, I go to the hospital and get my feelings checked for free. *laughs* So true!

Omg, Crusoe. Canadian mounty? Amazing.


Community Post: 10 Reasons Crusoe Is Your New Favorite Dachshund

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Yeah that's me in Ireland.

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