Pick a silhouette. Cut magazine strips.

Go bears DIY: Pick a silhouette, cut magazine strips, & use Mod Podge as the glue & sealer. could do this with any silhouette!

Art Projects for Kids: Another FREE ATC Template.

Surrealism Collage Project- Animal line art template--each kid gets a sheet, then they draw in the surroundings for the animal.

Tree of Life project. Have students draw a ring for each year of their life and then write and illustrate events from that year inside each ring.

Tree of Life writing project. Great activity for Art + Narrative Therapy. Have students draw a ring for each year of their life and then write and illustrate events from that year inside each ring.then have them rewrite their story.

Art Projects for Kids: ATCs and Line Art – FREE Template.

[FREE Template form Art Projects for Kids. Each quadrant has a photo and you invite your child to draw around it.] How many animals/objects have I cut out out from catalogs that I could draw around for atcs?

Monochromatic  or analogous colors for the background. Darkest colors at the top, changing to lightest. Once painted and dried, went over with black tempera paint to create a silhouette of a tree. They needed at least 5 combinations of colors varying from dark to light for swirls.  Then start adding them in layers (D to L)from the top of the sky, middle, to the bottom.  They chose contrasting color combination for the foreground and tree branches. Last, gold paint to show direction of light

Patterned Tree Designs focusing on monochromatic and analogous colors, color combinations, shading, etc.

Water Color Resist Spider Web Art

Water Color Resist Spider Web Kids Art

Snowglobe Writing Prompt. what a cute bulletin board these would make!

Creative Writing - Trapped in a Snow Globe! Use a clear plastic bowl for the globe and Epsom salt for the snow. Have students write their own stories for what would happen if they were stuck in a snow globe.

iPad back to school project.

Ipads: all about me posters. Great for an iPad class, & as a beginning of the year art project. Students write descriptions on the inside of the "apps" transition

Great idea to spark creativity in children. Use one small cut out and leave the rest to imagination!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Start with a magazine or newspaper clipping and let the child expand the picture! My middle school art teacher use to do this with me :)