53 variantes pour les cuisines blanches!

Sadly, marble countertops would NEVER last in my home, but I think this kitchen - the airy-ness - is beautiful. And would be more suitable for me with granite countertops.

Suspension Industriel Priddy métal noir 4 x 60 W EGLO OP_MPD-picto-generique-255x42.jpg -20 % 79.90 € / Unité* au lieu de 99.90€ / Unité*

Suspension, style industriel Priddy métal noir 4 x 60 W EGLO

cuisine rustique bois blanche, grand îlot blanc

La cuisine blanche et bois en 102 photos inspirantes

Beautiful wood paneling and floors to contrast with the white cabinets and countertops in the kitchen along with matching floating/open shelving

white and light

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Mini suspendu industriel - 17872

Mini suspendu industriel - 17872