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a pink and white cake with flowers on it's top is sitting on a plate
Custom Specialty Cakes and Cupcakes NJ - Blue Sheep Bake Shop - Cupcakes, Wedding Cake, Birthday Cake, Shower Cakes
a cake with three little white sheep in it
Dumplings - 12-15 servings (8x3)
Welcoming your little dumpling into this world! Image shown: 6-8 servings (5"x3" DxH). Note: dumpling macaron flavours (matcha) cannot be changed. Cake is fondant-covered. Allergies: almond (macarons)
a white cake with pink flowers and pearls on it's top, sitting on a plate
shaniabelle_cake on Instagram
a person is holding up a cake with pink frosting on the top and bottom
How I make this beautiful buttercream texture using Crown Jewel cake comb from #crownjewelcomb #esterscomb #reels… | Instagram