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Just the funniest scene in 7th season

a transformer wrote that? I wonder if he knows about Megatron because of Ben? He knows about Transformers because he's Dean. And contrary to popular belief, Dean is a geek. A adorable, beautiful, hilarious geek.

Transformers Rubber Symbol Earphones<<<<<< I don't care if these are the kind I don't like I wan them!

Transformers Rubber Symbol Earphones - Need but I'd want and Decepticon version and an Autobot version (they'd also have to have good bass

I really want to take the boys to see this. Optimus Prime made from real car parts.

Optimus Prime made from real car parts. I don't even know where to pin this, but. (Primitive Designs - Port Hope, Ontario) This is probably the most incredible thing ever made out of car parts - Lyd

Guardians of the Galaxy by Stephen Sampson

thedarkinker: "Never Doubt" - Gauardians of the Galaxy - Rocket Raccoon Poster Posse Tribute Project to the Marvel / James Gunn Movie Gauardians of the Galaxy Check out all the fantastic artwork for the project at blurppy !