Canadian Problems - haven't had bagged milk in years, but I certainly remember it

karlsburg: “ canadian-problems: “ milk bags take two submitted by swoonforme ” Preach. We have milk bags in England now.

Any parents out there wanting to make sure your kids drive safely? You will love this hilarious hack! Hit the image to see. #CarHack #Lol

10 Driving Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Very over protective father - I bet dad thought about doing this once or twice. funny thing is - I wouldn't have driven in the "NO!" zone- because the car's fastest speed isn't covered ;

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Canadian Problem - you know you're right but the US keyboard tells you you're wrong!

Why didn't I think of this!!!!!!!

This kid obviously needs to clean her room, but I'll remember this when my kids are older.Stick a lock through the holes on the end of electrical plugs when your kids get grounded. It saves you from having to physically remove items from their rooms.