Another way to frame a collection of vintage handkerchiefs.

Frugal home decorating: Framing vintage handkerchiefs

Vintage Handkerchief Art ~ Looking for inspiration for something to do with the pretty vintage hankies from my Grandmother.

Hanky wrapping..a.lovely way to wrap a special gift..

Vintage Hanky Wrapping~pretty presentation for mother's day or heirloom wedding gifts

Frame a Collection of Vintage Handkerchiefs.

Charming Framed Handkerchiefs - Display vintage hankies as art pieces. For grandma's handkerchiefs.

Vintage hankies quilt with a 1950's tablecloth on the back side. Ruffled hankies used to edge this quilt! Made by Cindy from Retro Revival <3

Vintage Hankie Quilt - could make with my grandma's hankies - love the idea of the vintage table cloth on the back.

Wonderful, fun way to make a quilt from vintage handkerchiefs!

by Paige Alexander probably my favorite of the lot. while this is not the exact handkerchief pattern i hope to make someday, this variation was amazing.

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