Sikh sawmill workers in Burnaby

Yet as prominent as the markings and the red hue that gives the fifty-dollar note its distinction is the imprint of William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Bill Boeing [on the right], with the Canadian postal sack containing sixty letters written by people in Vancouver to people in Seattle

Early in William Boeing and pilot Eddie Hubbard used Boeing's to carry 60 letters from Vancouver, B., to Seattle, delivering the first international airmail. Hubbard then used the mail plane on the same mail route.

the Scenic Ferry set up a regular scheduled passenger service to deliver workers from Vancouver to Port Moody stopping at the major mill sites enroute and returning the workers back to Vancouver at the end of their workday.

The Good Ferries of Eastern Burrard Inlet

men working at Sweney Cooperage

men working at Sweney Cooperage

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