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a sculpture of a woman sitting on top of a wooden table with plants growing out of it
'Blue Bird' Sculpture
This beautiful Goddess' home in the swamplands can be lonely at times; luckily she has her birdy friend to keep her company! Loving created by Yuliya McMahon (Kelowna, BC), 'Blue Bird' is a gorgeous sculpture that adds a sense of enchantment to any space.
two people are dancing together on a blue and black background with one holding the other's head
A Stolen Love
A Stolen Love by Peter Singh-Vigilante, A Digital Painting I did during my time in college.
colorful musical notes are arranged in the shape of music staffs on a blue and green background
Musical Wallpaper
Musical Wallpaper by Peter Singh-Vigilante, A Fake 3D Photoshop manipulation. Everything was created in Photoshop with no use of external images.
two people are dancing in the dark with colored lines on their body and one is wearing a long dress
Dance of Light
Dance of Light by Peter Singh-Vigilante, A Vexel Art piece using Photoshop and the Pen Tool to create a flowing effect of bright silhouettes.
a digital painting of a woman with brown hair and blue eyes wearing a black shirt
Valentine's Day Painting
Valentine's Day Painting by Peter Singh-Vigilante, This is the first painting I’ve done of a significant other. Love you Hun.
an artistic painting of a tree on the edge of a body of water
City Bathed in Sun
"City Bathed in Sun" by Peter Singh-Vigilante
A digital painting just to freshen up my skills called "Feeling Blue" Feelings, Fashion, Women, Dress, Strapless, Strapless Top
Feeling Blue Skys
A digital painting just to freshen up my skills called "Feeling Blue"
there is a bottle of wine next to some pictures and a knife on the table
My Italian Montage Poster
a woman with glasses on her head is surrounded by fire and stars in the sky
Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "Nebula Artist"
a white lion is staring into the distance
A Tablet enhanced photograph technique, creating a high contrast dynamic image.
a digital painting of a woman with red hair and multi - colored streamers around her body
I was inspired to do with photo manipulation that merged real paint with a live model.
a man with his hands in the air and fire coming out of his back body
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Saw a really cool picture use similar effect and just had to try it for myself. We did a photo shoot to try and get the perfect statue like pose, then in Photoshop I layered dozens of textures and applied numerous color effect adjustments to get the final result.
a woman's face is shown in black and white
A quick digital illustration, done in Adobe Illustrator, for my Introduction to Computer Graphics students as an example for their major project. The entire face is composed of a single shape in illustrator which was then modified using the gradient mesh tool. the only other paths in the picture are the hairlines. The piece to a total of one hour to complete using a Wacom tablet in Adobe Illustrator.
a digital painting of a woman with her arms spread out in front of the sun
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This is my recreation of a digital painting I did back in collage that I always felt needed to be updated. The story is from a novel I am in the midst of writing, with the Karnak being a legend told within, of a creature with untold power, consisting of pure energy, who has only appeared once before when mankind’s need was dire.
an abstract fracta design in blue and pink
My WordPress Website – Just another WordPress site
In this tutorial, I show how to create a magnificent Fractal Art image, perfect for creating your own Desktop Background images that you can wow your friends with.