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Crafting! Omg! I don't ship Phan but I love the Dan and Phil harry potter au!

I don't ship Phan but I love the Dan and Phil harry potter au!<<< I’m sorry but how could you not ship Phan ahhh

Weeping b/c ZIam. Im even listening to their part in Little Things right now!

Crying because Ziam.but really zayn has such a big heart and cares about everything and anything.y would u hate the small light in big dark room.y try to smudge it out .please do explain

Harry niall and liam but i love all SO much

I'm surprised Niall's wasn't Nandos. But oh well, I'll just go with Niall to Baskin Robins then.

Good grades doesn't mean smart/educated/better/harder working person; just as much as bad grades doesn't equal stupid/uneducated/lazy/not-as-good person.

Every time.

I heard night changes and perfect on the only English radio channel of our country and I freaked out and then my mom was like "are you okay? What happened" And after I explained I got scolded for quite a long time for freaking out for "JUST A SONG!

Amazingphil Phil Lester

Amazingphil Phil Lester<-- I cannot even begin to say how true this is, Phil deserves as much love and respect as Dan does, he has changed the lives of so many people, including Dan himself