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Was found deceased :( see other post with different pictur for Willow on my missing persons found board for details. so sad.Pin this on your most popular board

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His mother and her boyfriend beat him to death, stuffed him in a backpack & threw him in the river. They destroyed evidence and made up the kidnapping story.

In Quebec they do this for their winter Carnaval !!!

I can confirm this is a thing. Every Canadian kid goes on a field trip to the Maple Syrup farm and gets this.

Every Halloween!!!


Omg this actually happens I went out in pants and a sweater by the end of the night I was numb and in my friends dads jacket with my friend we continued as conjoined twins then got a stern talking to by a random stranger about how it's rude and to never d

My cousin got a concussion and woke up the the hospital freaking out. Sledding is painful. Especially when you go off of a jump accidentally and land hard on your ass.


Bit all true but funny none the less xD<<<Canadian pride -- ROTFL "You are excited whenever an American television show mentions Canada.

They say it's because some parents drop their kids off anyway because they have to go to work. If no one was there, the student could freeze to death. Is the problem the School or the Parent?