Is bubble the correct term to describe the Canadian real estate market?

The baby-faced movie star was about to play the leading role in Titanic, and he spent some of .

Some predictions for the Canadian real estate market in 2017.

What Canadian housing market experts are predicting for 2017

"Some observers have suggested that domestic investors are partially responsible for driving up prices in Toronto, a housing market with a limited supply."

'Just quietly benefiting from it': Toronto real estate investors deny they're driving up the market

Canada housing market has been witnessing a slow pace in the past couple of months and the onus for this must go to tougher rules for Canada mortgage.

A one-year moratorium on high-rise buildings is proposed by the Councillor for Ward 27.

Councillor’s “tall residential buildings” moratorium for downtown Toronto draws sharp criticism from development community

There are already so many decisions to be made when buying a condo. One under-discussed decision is about whether to include a parking spot or storage locker in the sale.

"Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne said on Monday that the province will not follow British Columbia’s move to introduce a tax on foreign homebuyers."

Premier Kathleen Wynne calls Ontario hydro rates an ‘urgent issue’ for her government

One of the factors look at when analyzing the rising and falling prices of the real estate market; and it's not average price.

Is Vancouver's real estate market really in free fall?

Can any of these methods individually or together have an impact on the real estate market here in Ontario?

Seven ways to cool Toronto’s red-hot housing market without hurting everyone else

Top 10 cities aroud the world with severely unaffordable housing.

Top 10 cities aroud the world with severely unaffordable housing.

Home buyers remain optimistic about the housing market despite lofty price appreciations in the GTA.

Home buyers optimistic about GTA real estate market, research finds

A recent poll for the Ontario Real Estate Association shows that half of buyers expect to purchase a detached home.

One perspective of the latest November 2016 numbers on the Canadian real estate market.

Canadian home sales see biggest monthly drop since 2012 Add to ...

Broker Paul Siksna puts up a ‘for sale’ sign before an open house in Toronto. (Darren Calabrese For The Globe and Mail)

"It won't get any easier to buy a home in the Toronto region next year."

GTA real estate forecast sees prices rise in 2017

"It won't get any easier to buy a home in the Toronto region next year.

“Thus, the results of CMHC’s survey of foreign ownership should not be mistaken as a precise measure of strictly non-Canadian ownership in housing,” according to CMHC.

Why CMHC foreign condo ownership data in Toronto and Vancouver doesn’t tell the whole story

Icecream Condo by Carolyn Coles

#Trump International Tower for sale?

Toronto’s Trump Tower is for sale for $300 million and may get a new name after it’s sold

CMHC President and CEO Evan Siddall thinks higher down payments is the key to greater affordability.

Canada's low down payments are harming — not helping — first-time buyers: CMHC

What You Need to Know About Oil Prices & Calgary Real Estate

"New construction to slow down next year as the market finally catches up to the reality that there are not enough people to live in the houses being built."

Increase In Housing Starts At End Of Year Signals Housing Market Recovery