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5 exercices physiques pour les paresseux | Nightlife

C’est pas tout le monde qui a une prédisposition au sport et/ou qui est le descendant direct de Bruny Surin.



DUMBBELL SIDE BEND - The exercise involves the side muscles of the torso (the oblique muscle and the transversus abdominis).

Abdominal Workout Wall Chart (Mens) Professional Fitness Poster - Fitnus Corp.

Abdominal Core Workout Professional Fitness Instructional Wall Chart Poster - Fitnus Corp.

A must-have companion to any serious workout! From the essential Fitnus series of professional health club wall charts, this instructional poster features the eight key exercises to give you the perfect abs & obliques. Designed in great detail to highlight the muscle groups used in each exercise, this is spectacular piece is from the world leader in fitness charts, Bruce Algra's Fitness Corp. Seen on the walls of better health clubs and gyms around the world - now available for yours…

Skating is one of the skills in hockey that separates top players from everyone else. The ability to exhibit explosive speed on the ice is a valuable asset...

The Best Leg Workout Exercises Without Weights

Leg workouts don't always require heavy weights. Use your own bodyweight to challenge leg muscle development and power.