Bridget Crouse-Budrow

Bridget Crouse-Budrow

Bridget Crouse-Budrow
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Personalized Name Stick DIY. Get an old hockey stick, spray paint letters on with stencil of choice, glue pucks to stick, drill stick into wall. For Sierra and Michael someday.

Every pro stock hockey lace wristy is built using oversized custom double waxed hockey lace featuring a colourfast and mildew resistant design.

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Hockey vases created with dollar store vases, hockey decal, and a can of frosted glass finish spray paint

Hockey Day In Canada banquet, February At the risk of sparking an American nationalist revolt, it's stuff like this that makes me wish I were Canadian (or at least had dual citizenship).

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Hockey Stick Bench This was a perfect way to recycle old bench ends. I used broken sticks and replaced each slat with hockey stick and your all sticks.