Boskke Cube Large | neo-utility

In the dirt and grime of city life, a bit of greenery is more than just an aesthetic choice—it keeps the indoor air clean. Turn sad windowsill plants into a thriving jungle. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, Boskke's innovative polycarbonate planters ar

Aquafarm: Aquaponics Fish Garden | ThinkGeek

The Aquafarm Aquaponics fish garden from back to The Roots is a tabletop aquarium that functions as a self-cleaning fish tank and an herb garden in one.

UncommonGoods: apple trinket

Inspired by the mythological meanings of the apple, artist Michiko Shimada created this charming porcelain box.

Boskke Cube Triple | neo-utility

Search for boskke cube 3 small clear plant pot products that have been hand-selected by Dwell and our partners. Each product page will tell its back story—including the materials, construction, and inspiration—and will link you to…

Pulp pen 01 - - paper goods

The Pulp Pen is part of a limited series of uniquely designed brass pens. Each pen is handmade and decorated with a specially engraved pattern Includes a Black pilot Cartridge Length Diameter Weight hand-made

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