As the #FinTech Industry Grows, so Does the Vocabulary Used. Here's the Latest Terminology:,b57bd385-a018-1ced-1a9a-1c7ffd6a86a3

A Beginner's Guide to FinTech Terminology - Dataconomy

#Blockchain Payments Coming to Banking Systems

UBS, Santander Announce Blockchain Project Inspired By Ethereum

It's Time For Less Talking, More Doing Thanks to #Blockchain,90abf204-ed30-570f-bcd1-f141fcea9df6

Why SAP wants there to be less talking and more doing when it comes to blockchain technology and financial services.

Building a Scalable #Ethereum Community,72cfd72d-ac9d-2860-d47f-6193d7806d42

Building the Foundations for a Scalable Ethereum Community - CoinDesk

#Canadian Banks are Making Friends with #FinTech

The Largest Banks Comprise the Foundation of FinTech Growth and Development

124-Year-Old #Kansas Bank is the Secret to Some #Fintech Startups,e166f2c4-a3ce-55ac-aea9-70326a103dfe

Why Fintech Startups Are Flocking to a 124-Year-Old Bank in Kansas

#Fintech is Starting to be Affected by #SiliconValley,d942ee2b-c6b1-1664-7bbb-0bea5e742560

How Silicon Valley is Changing the Fintech Space

Learn about 3 major types of business loans available to your small business—and how you can apply for the best business loan type to support growth.

#Fintech is Building #Africa's #Financial Industry,1419c6fb-f098-37e5-0d6e-ca0c0521a98f

Fintech isn’t disrupting Africa’s financial industry—it’s building it

“RT devie_mohan: isn’t disrupting Africa’s financial industry - it’s building it via qz …”

The Types Of #Fintech #Entrepreneurs In Asia

The 5 Types Of Fintech Entrepreneurs And Where They Are In Asia

#Blockchain is Being Incorporated into Everything Nowadays, even Prenup Contracts | via Cantech Letter #DontSeeThisEveryday,7e1c5324-fe16-5061-9705-bc5dd9be2d15

Get to know more details about the rashes caused by wearing a wedding band and what are the precautions you should take before purchasing mens wedding ring.

#FinTech Companies Looking to Create Global Hubs,84343b63-c8eb-e5f9-f86f-10c0c5128b4e

Fintech Groups Will Unite Into Global Hubs

#FinTech Companies Looking to Create Global Hubs,84343b63-c8eb-e5f9-f86f-10c0c5128b4e

#Ethereum Based #Lottery Games Coming to #Singapore,7367338f-1985-b4d7-dfde-40028651e847

KIBO, a decentralized gaming platform, is getting ready to provide lottery games integrated on ethereum smart contracts, which will launch in the autumn.

#Ethereum Price Continues to Soar, Buy More Dips?,52a03c20-7e02-a5ac-0330-db1c1466e322

Ethereum Price Technical Analysis – Targets Achieved, Buy Dips More?