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I have been on a sewing spree for the last year or so and through many pin pricks and tv shows playing in the background I have created these!
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Squish It! by weebird on DeviantArt

he's full of soft squashy flour so you can get rid of so. Squish It!

Perfectly Purple! by weebird on DeviantArt

This perferctly purple poro pet was handsewn by me!Purple fur, black leather beady eyes, brown felt curly horns and a pink felt tongue for enjoying all.

Petal the giraffe by weebird on DeviantArt

Another hand sewn pressie.this time i made a stuffed giraffe for another of my sisters! Petal (not the giraffe's real name to protect her real identit. Petal the giraffe

twit twooo by weebird on DeviantArt

Another doorstop owl.this time for my mummy-in-law made of more recycled fabrics, wadding and a bag of lentils for weight.

Mowly by weebird on DeviantArt

For Mother's Day I made my awesome mummy a doorstop owl! From recycled fabrics, all hand sewn (using this tutorial stuffed owl), stuffin.

Patterned Penguin by weebird on DeviantArt

I sewed another thing! This time a lovely patterned penguin for another sister (yes i have a lot of sisters).she is a fan of cute little penguins and .

Clairfairy by weebird on DeviantArt

The package has been delivered! the clairfairy has finally been posted off to her new home with the awesome Sewn with felt and a few small beads for .

violent affection by weebird on DeviantArt

A hand sewn pillow for a good friend.the pillow can't seem to decide whether is wants hugs or punches XD it's supposed to help with those times when yo.

Cat-tacular! by weebird on DeviantArt

she wanted me to make her a nyan cat.and so this creation was born!

RAWR softly by weebird on DeviantArt

My little nephew loves George's dinosaur from the Peppa Pig tv show so i made him this dinosaur plush for his birthday.

That'ssss a nice deviation you have there... by weebird on DeviantArt

i made a creeper plushie for my awesome little minecraft obsessed niece for christmas.this tutorial helped me a lot [link] i made a few changes and ca. That'ssss a nice deviation you have there.