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Weed Man is a network of locally owned and operated lawn care professionals providing environmentally responsible fertilization, weed control and integrated…
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Lawn Care Programs & Services
Weed Man USA offers a variety of services, including weed control, lawn fertilization, pest management...and so much more! Check out our full roster of service offerings today!
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Lawn Care Programs & Services
Did you know? As a Weed Man customer, you receive service calls free of charge! They are simply a value-added service included in your seasonal lawn care program. #spring #lawncare
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Contact Us
Spring has arrived & we couldn't be happier! If you aren't already a valued Weed Man customer, we'd be honored to care for your lawn this season. Request your complimentary lawn care quote today!
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FAQ: Why do I need more than 1-2 visits/year? #Lawncare is not like switching on a light & having the grass stay green all year long. Lawns need continual feeding!
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Lawn Care Prepay and Referral Discounts
We understand that money doesn’t grow on trees (or on your lawn, unfortunately!). That’s why we’re always looking for ways to save you money on lawn care. We’ve come up with two tried-and-true ways to help you cut down on the costs associated with creating and maintaining a beautiful yard. #lawncare #FridayReads #savings
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Lawn Fertilizer – Why Weed Man is Better | Weed Man Lawn Care | Turf Tips
Make the best choice when it comes to your lawn. This is why Weed Man's fertilizer is better!
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Why do I need a professional lawn care company? There are many benefits to hiring Weed Man to care for your lawn! We are experts and leaders in the industry. We can diagnose problems on your lawn and help treat them as needed. When you hire Weed Man, you're buying a guarantee for results and that's not always the case when you're buying products right off the shelf. We use top-of-the-line products and will make multiple visits to your home lawn, to ensure our services meet your satisfaction.
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What can Weed Man do to make your dream lawn become a reality this year? Visit us online at www.weedmanusa.com to check out our services and request a complimentary lawn analysis! We'd be happy to help! #LawnCare #Spring #DreamLawn #Resolutions #NewYear #2017
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Local Weed Man Owners Donate Bottled Water to Flint - Turf Magazine
Weed Man franchisees in Michigan were happy to give back to their community donating over 1,800 gallons of water! #FlintWaterCrisis
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Free Healthy Lawn Analysis. Not sure what's at play on your lawn? One of our knowledgeable, trained technicians would be more than happy to come out and inspect your lawn (free of charge!).
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Weed Control | Lawn Care Service
Weed Control. Weeds compete with desirable lawn grasses for water, space, light and nutrients. They are very aggressive and can easily take over a lawn if not kept in check. Don't let these unsightly invaders take over your yard. Weed Man will create a preventative or curative weed control program tailored to your lawn.
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Lawn Fertilization | Lawn Care Services
Fertilization. Proper fertilization keeps your grass lush and healthy. Weed Man uses a slow-release granular fertilizer that feeds your lawn when it needs it.
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Mechanical Core Aeration | Lawn Care Services
Spring/Fall Core Aeration. Aeration improves the flow of air, water and nutrients to the plant's root zone. It also alleviates compacted soil that can be uncomfortable to walk on.