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Dick Clark & American Bandstand -


Conway Twitty Chubby Checker and Dick Clark Doing the Twist My very first memory of rock n roll was watching Chubby Checker doing the Twist on American Bandstand. This was probably 1959-60. I was about 3 years old and I remember "teaching" my mother how to do the "Twist". I still love that song and Chubby Checker too. Dick Clark was probably more familiar to me than most of my family! I felt like I "knew" Dick... am sure I was not the only fan to feel that way... My Mom was young and loved…

"Lassie and his famous TV Family  The Lassie TV show was a drama series that went through several transitions during its 20 years on the air. It began with the beautiful collie living on a small farm with its young master Jeff Miller, Jeff's widowed mother and grandfather. In the spring of 1957, an orphan boy named Timmy joined the Miller household..."


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Calling card used by Paladin in the classic Western show "Have Gun — Will Travel"

Calling card used by Paladin in the classic Western show "Have Gun — Will Travel"

"Sea Hunt" (1958-61) on TV with Lloyd Bridges and son Jeff. Lloyd was the patriarch of what has become a family of very, very good actors.

Expeditions History

Atlantica is the first permanent undersea colony. It is being established in two phases - the Atlantica I and Atlantica II Expeditions. Our world record holding team is the most experienced and accomplished team of Aquanauts ever assembled for any undersea mission. We intend to build and launch the first permanent undersea colony in phases from 2009 through 2012. ANYONE can join us in this historic adventure!

The Mod Squad had the best show opening.

Sixties Pizzazz - 1968 TV & Television

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Darla and Alfalfa The Little Rascals


Anyone who grew up during the golden age of Nickelodeon will know who this, nine year old, pig-tailed terror is. This is my modest salute to the girl whom I believe is the greatest animated female character of all time; Helga G. Pataki of Craig Bartlett's Hey Arnold! For those of you who do not know, Helga is a bully with a secret, a HUGE crush on the show sage-like protagonist, Arnold. To hide her feelings, she teases him mercilessly. But behind closed doors, she spouts sonnets and fills…

Saturday Morning Cartoons


Let's get some 90s Nickelodeon up in this bitch.