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a baby's feeding schedule is shown in this poster
Know When Baby Needs to Eat: Hunger Cues
How often should baby be fed? And if they can't tell you they're hungry, how do you know they want to feed? Hunger cues are small, subtle movements or behaviors that indicate your baby is hungry. As baby gets older, their hunger cues will change. Click the pin to learn more about baby's feeding time and hunger cues. #babyfood #babyhunger #babydevelopment #babyhealth #feedingbaby #hungercues #babyhungercues Here are some hunger cues to help you know when baby is ready to eat: • Licking or smacking lips • Sucking on hand • Bringing hands to mouth • Sticking tongue out • Opening mouth • Turning head toward your hand • Fussiness or increased movement • Sucking on other things, such as their hand
the baby's first year poster is shown in green and brown, with numbers for each
Baby Developmental Milestones and Chart