Threading beads onto wire & pipe-cleaners. Beautiful collaborative art!

Mirrors, Mosaics & Threading Beads

Weighing set - Math invitation to play

Weighing set - Math invitation to play - Homemade Rainbows.have kids write: 6 ducks are heavier than 10 pencils

'Not a Stick' charming book provocation for creative imagination at school (Via Natalie Giulianelli)

Not a Stick provocation - using your imagination - art, language, science possibilities.

Exploring black and white paint on black and white water colour paper. An inspiration from the book "The Language of Art" by Ann Pelo.

Wonders in Kindergarten: Our colour mixing journey: "We have skin colour!" Exploring skin shades, tones, and tints by mixing colours that reflect the individuals of our classroom community!

Diwali mandala activity with loose parts?

Loose parts powerful experience in the Witness/Echo room at Beyond Words exhibit…


Stone Towers

Close up of invitation to create Stone Towers - from The Curious Kindergarten. Think critically about rocks that are good for building.

Using provocations in your kindergarten classroom

Using Provocations In Your Kindergarten Classroom

I have been using a lot of Reggio-inspired practices this year in my classroom and am so very happy with the results that I am seeing. One aspect that I am particularly pleased with is using provoc…

Incorporating Reggio methods in a "traditional" school setting

Incorporating Reggio methods in a “traditional” school setting

Some wonderful ideas for math and science here, but keep in mind some of the language activities are for first graders so wouldn't be appropriate for preschoolers. Incorporating Reggio methods in a "traditional" school setting

Colour mixing provocation - from Rachel (",)

A variety of activities linked with colour, for the Early Years classroom - from Rachel (",)