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Notes on the guitar neck

Plain and simple, like any other skill there is no "fast" way to learn to play guitar. Learning any skill takes time and dedication. The best way to learn guitar "fast" is to dedicate as much time as you can to it and to get some good.

'37 Ford Coupe

timebombkustoms: doyoulikevintage: 1937 Ford Coupe I remember seeing this car at the grand national roadster show about 8 years ago. A little fun fact about this car is it’s fiberglass. All of the “rust holes” patina and all are all fake and man made

dark red Tudor hot rod

novosgarage: Source: Sodium Sickness Hot rods and Custom cars. Sometimes classic cars but mostly early hotrods and rat rods or custom cars like lowriders.

Hot Rods 1928-1948: Ford : Model A Hot Rod,V8, Daily Driver, California Car 1931 Ford Model A Coupe-Hot Rod-V8 -California Car-1928-1929-1930-1931-SCTA

1931 Ford Model A Coupe-Hot -California Car