Belly Bandit - BFF (Body Formulated Fit)

Was Jessica Alba onto something with her "double corset" after pregnancy? The Belly Bandit says yes: The BFF from Belly Bandit is the first-ever post-partum compression wrap.

Au Fait Mama - Foster BreastFeeding Scarf

The Foster Breastfeeding Scarf is a new solution to breast feeding in public. The first is as a nursing scarf and the second as a nursing cover. Unlike other nursing covers, you will be able to continue to wear this scarf

Cantaloop - Pregnancy/ Nursing Tank Top at West Coast Kids

Cantaloop Pregnancy & Nursing Tank Top-This versatile top has been designed with a little extra width below the breast (A shape) – this means that it can be used even early in your pregnancy. The stretchy fabric can accommodate a growing belly and wi

Ingrid & Isabel - Belly Leggings at West Coast Kids

Leggings are a major pregnancy staple, and these ingrid & isabel Seamless Belly Leggings are pretty much as good as it gets. They're supercomfortable,

West Coast Kids - NEW | West Coast Kids #breastfeeding

Booby Boons Lactation Cookies are made specifically for breastfeeding moms. "Boon" is traditionally defined as "a thing that is helpful or beneficial; a timely blessing or benefit." These cookies are wheat & soy free, are GMO free, and made with th