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a plate filled with banana rolls on top of a table next to a ripe banana
Snicky Snacks
Chef Awesome makes snicky snacks!!
a white cup filled with chocolate pudding and whipped cream
Mug Cake
Chef Awesome makes mug cake!
cheese, crackers and ham are arranged on a wooden plate next to crackers
Cheese Board
Chef Awesome celebrates National Cheese Day with a cheese board.
a glass mug filled with chocolate frosting on top of a white table cloth next to a bowl of strawberries
Fancy Hot Chocolate
Chef Awesome makes fancy hot chocolate!
an orange smoothie in a glass next to cinnamon sticks and two small pumpkins
Pumpkin Smoothie
Chef Awesome makes a pumpkin smoothie!
a piece of toast with powdered sugar on top sits on a plate, ready to be eaten
Cinnamon Toast
Chef Awesome makes cinnamon taost!
a cookbook with pictures of cookies and other foods on it, sitting on a table
Company's Coming Kid's Cooking
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