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two cats playing with each other on the floor in front of a bookcase and fireplace
Pipecleaner Cats
three square pieces of art hanging on a wall in an office building, with paper flowers attached to them
Spring Hanging Craft
Miss Katie makes spring break crafts!
Miss Katie makes Leprechaun Rocks! Hats, Leprechaun, Rock, Rocks
Leprechaun Rocks
Miss Katie makes Leprechaun Rocks!
there are many items on the table in the library
Bird Feeder Craft
Miss Katie makes bird feeders!
a red heart is drawn on a piece of paper that has been painted with watercolors
Valentines Bubble Wrap Painting
Miss Katie makes Valentines bubble wrap art!
a stuffed animal is standing next to a white board with a star painted on it
Dice Game Coloring
Miss Katie dose dice game coloring!
drawing cartoons from numbers and letters step - by - step book for kids ages 2 to 5
Drawing Step by Step
Miss Katie draws step by step using letters and numbers.
a paper hat sitting on top of a wooden table next to a children's book
Terracotta Gingerbread House
Miss Katie makes terra cotta pot gingerbread houses!
three snowmen made out of toilet paper sitting on a window sill next to each other
Snowman Craft
Miss Katie makes paper roll Snowmen!
Miss Katie makes 3D poppies for Remembrance Day. 3d, Poppies, Remembrance Day, Remembrance, Holiday Art
Remembrance Day Craft
Miss Katie makes 3D poppies for Remembrance Day.
a tie - dyed bow is tied to a chair
Coffee Filter Bats
Miss Katie makes colorful bats!!
three trees with leaves painted on them and one has red berries in the tree, while the other is yellow
Fall Leaves Craft
Miss Katie makes fall trees!
a brown teddy bear wearing glasses and a paper bag with a crown on it's head
Paper Bag Princess Craft
Miss Katie makes Ben a PaperBag princess!
an art project made out of paper and cardboard with a hamburger cut in half on top
Recycled Sandwich Craft
Miss Katie makes a Big sandwich out of recycled items!
a paper bird is sitting on top of some leaves
Handprint Parrot
Miss Katie makes a parrot out of handprints!