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Cushing's Disease- more Cushin' for the pushin. Cats, Dogs, Horses and Humans= Cushings Hump and Pot Belly!

Cushing's Disease Infographic Miniature schnauzers are prone to this disease. I lost my Princess Diana to Cushing's disease, pancreatitis and diabetes. She was 12 when she went OTRB

Diuretics - know what it's used for and who not to give it to! Save this. #nclex…

Direct routes of diuretics to administer to the patients are by mouth (PO), IV, and IM. There are loop diuretics and thiazide diuretics that you can mix up

There are many parasites that pose a threat to your pet's health. Though many parasites are internal , meaning they live inside your pet, others live on the outside of your cat or dog. To help you identify and treat some of the most common external pet parasites, we've complied this list of ten common external parasites. We hope this infographic helps you keep your pets safe from these pesky pests and hope that you SHARE it to help others do the same! <a href=`http://entirelypets....

Top 10 External Pet Parasites - If you own a cat or a dog, it's important to know about these common external pet parasites in order to be able to properly identify and treat them.