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 McHugh's Corner: Where Mathletes Come to Train: An… Volume anchor chart! McHugh's Corner: Where Mathletes. Math 5, Guided Math, Math Teacher, Math Classroom, Teaching Math, Math Fractions, Math Games, Multiplication, Math Charts

An Exploration of Volume

Ok ok....So it's April and I taught volume almost a month ago. Things can get pretty hectic this time of year, what with preparing for the OAA and making sure my kids are in tip top shape to show what they know! Now that we're on Spring Break, I can finally sit back and reflect on what we've been learning and where we need to go after this. I truly feel that math should be a hands-on experience for kids of all ages. It shouldn't stop in 3rd grade. All too often, we get caught up in making…

Write the dimensions of pantry items on sticky notes. Have kids measure and stick the dimensions to the right objects! This is a great way to learn depth, width, and height/length! I would have them stick them on their best guesses first! Math Strategies, Math Resources, Math Activities, Math Games, Maths 3e, Fifth Grade Math, Sixth Grade, Grade 2, Math Measurement

Measuring 3 Dimensions

I am still under the delusion that summer should be just as carefree as it was when I was a kid. As a good friend pointed out to me, once you have kids, summer is crazy busy. This activity was a great learning opportunity that I threw together in 10 minutes – perfect for a busy day of summer camp and baseball practice. I grabbed a handful of items from our pantry with straight sides. I measured the width, depth, and height (or length) of each and noted the dimensions on a post-it note – one…

Journal Sundays cube volume and surface area math journal entry @ Runde's Room May do something similar in our notebookscube volume and surface area math journal entry @ Runde's Room May do something similar in our notebooks Math Strategies, Math Resources, Math Activities, Geometry Activities, Math Games, Math Teacher, Math Classroom, Teaching Math, Math Measurement

Math Journal Sundays

Good SUNDAY Morning! I've got a great little foldable to share with you today. I had hoped to have a few to show you today, but because I was down and out with the flu and Thursday and Friday, I only have the one. We had our unit test on Monday, so I started a new Geometry / Measurement unit on Tuesday. I had originally hoped that I would be able to finish the unit in two weeks (so I could finish before March Break), but it looks as though I'll need another week after March Break (and so the…

Perimeter Area and Volume Formulas : FREE! Perimeter, area, and volume printable for math journals! Comes in black and white too! Math 5, Teaching Math, Maths Area, Math Charts, Fifth Grade Math, Sixth Grade, Math Poster, Math Measurement, Math Notebooks

Perimeter Area and Volume Formulas

FREE!! Perimeter, area, and volume printable for math journals! Comes in black and white too! #formulas #area #volume

Novembrino Stams Do you teach volume, area, and perimeter? Teaching Volume Unit: Common Core Aligned Grade PBL or GT? Teaching 5th Grade, Fifth Grade Math, 5th Grade Classroom, Student Teaching, Grade 3, Classroom Teacher, Sixth Grade, Teaching Tools, Teaching Ideas

Volume Resources

This resource contains everything you need to teach the volume standards as required by the Common Core for 5th grade: printables, posters, centers, and assessments. The standards specifically require the students to understand and determine volume for rectangular prisms (so other shapes are not rep...

Perimeter, Area, and Volume: A Monster Book of Dimensions by David Adler. This is a mathematical book that can introduce a topic of perimeter, area, and volume to a group of students. Who said math had to be learned only through textbooks? Math Literature, Math Books, Children's Books, Story Books, Class Books, Math Resources, Math Activities, Teaching Strategies, Classroom Resources

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Classroom Magic: Candy Bar Volume (Could read the book, Counting on Frank by Rod Clement, too) Math Resources, Math Activities, Volume Worksheets, Fifth Grade Math, Fourth Grade, Math Measurement, Math Classroom, Classroom Ideas, Homeschool Math

Candy Bar Volume

I thought I would share this idea my friend and colleague came up with. She he had the idea to use candy bars to teach students volume. First, I read the book Counting on Frank by Rod Clement. If you've never read this book, it's really cute. The little boy likes finding the volume of things using unusual items. For example, he finds it would take 10 whales to fill his entire house. I talk about when you find volume you have add the label cubed, so I stopped through out the book and had the…

Best Volume Activity Ever! - Teaching Maths with Meaning Math Teacher, Math Classroom, Teaching Math, Teaching Ideas, Teacher Stuff, Classroom Ideas, Primary Teaching, Fifth Grade Math, Grade 3

Best Volume Activity Ever!

Now I know by saying "best volume activity ever" you might be thinking, "No, how could it be?" but seriously for my Grade 3/4 class, this is the best activity I have found. When you teach younger children, you spend a lot of time working on informal units with volume - making cylinders and filling them with blocks, filling containers with sand or rice and trying to figure out which container holds the most. But for older children I had always moved towards some worksheets, which I am not a…

Volume Tasks for Upper Grade Math Centers by Leslie Meadows - love this idea! Big Ideas Math, Teaching Math, Math 5, Math Teacher, Math Classroom, Future Classroom, Classroom Ideas, Fifth Grade Math, Math Measurement

Volume Tasks

Students can work independently or in groups to explore the concepts of volume and rectangular prisms. When used with my own 5th graders, I printed out the task cards and hung them up and down our hallway. Students folded paper into fourths to provide 8 spaces to work on the 8 tasks. They were g...

Find the volume of these cubes! This math worksheet shows your child how to calculate cubic volume, then gives your child a series of shapes to practice finding volume. Grade 5 Math Worksheets, Volume Worksheets, Math Resources, Cubes Math, Math Lab, Fifth Grade Math, Math Measurement, Math Test, Teaching Math

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ON SALE today and tomorrow! This pack contains a total of sixty-eight task cards divided into two sets including additive volume. The problems in this pack will provide excellent practice to students in different skill levels 5th Grade Math Games, Sixth Grade Math, Math Measurement, Math Fractions, Math Enrichment, Math Task Cards, Teaching Math, Teaching Ideas, Math Workshop

Volume Task Cards

This pack contains a total of sixty-eight (68) task cards divided into two (2) sets.

Measuring capacity (hands-on activities) Measurement Kindergarten, Measurement Activities, Math Measurement, Kindergarten Math, Teaching Math, Numeracy Activities, Math Work, Fun Math, Capacity Activities

Adverb FREEBIE and suffixes! - Smitten with First

Have I told you all how excited I am about summer?! I mean 12 more days and I can sleep in!! Hallelujah! We have started a summer countdown chain in our room that looks similar to this one. I saw it weeks ago on Pinterest and knew I had to do! Not quite sure if …