This Tipi is absolutely dreamy! You can use it as an arbour, entryway, gazebo and the list goes on! If you are wanting a show stopper at your wedding, this is your piece!

Kalem Ladders

Kalem Ladders

Dark green velvet love seat give a stunning background to a white wedding dress.


Edward is a special piece. He is an old record player that has extra old hand charm. Does not include record player.

Emmit Table

The Emmit table is the perfect size for a guest book table or a candy table! It comes with an additional middle leaf hidden underneath for the ability to customize it to the size you desire.

Alli Dresser

Vintage black bow front dresser Dimensions: X X Quantity: 1

Cliff Bucket

Cliff bucket has a large handle and has character with its rusty top.

A mixture of brass candle sticks.

Eduardo Suitcase

Eduardo is made of genuine old leather.

Maggie Armchairs

Our Maggie Armchairs have their original fabric. With a touch of warn on the chair cushion it bring a extra hint of vintage flare.

Lacey Armchair

Dimensions: X Quantity: 1

This light pink door matches our Blush door in colour.

These wood rounds are so diverse and are amazing as part of a rustic centrepiece.

Veda Frame

Veda gold frame with vintage accents.

Underwood Typewriter

Underwood Typewriter