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a bar of soap sitting on top of a table next to some pink and white flowers
Orange and ginger, red and black soap
Dark and witchy this black soap with red and white marble effect smells of orange and ginger, one of my favorite scents. Bottom half in cold press soap and top is vegan glycerin soap. Goth up your bathroom decor or dark interior.
Made on the full moon in April
Ready for your summer solstice ritual!
This beautiful cold press soap is scented of red cedarwood, each magical vegan glycerin flower was hand poured and placed on the soap. Solstice Ritual, Cedarwood Soap, Summer Solstice Ritual, Cottage Core Decor, Ritual Bath, Unisex Gift, The Full Moon, Summer Solstice
Red cedarwood soap
Made on the full moon in AprilReady for your summer solstice ritual!This beautiful cold press soap is scented of red cedarwood, each magical vegan glycerin flower was hand poured and placed on the soap.
two deer antlers sitting on top of a black cloth
Moon soap, leather and rose scented, calendula flower sensitive skin, Yarrow flower, witch's herb, p
This moon phase soap was made on the last full moon. It contains calendula flowers and calendula infused oil for sensitive itchy skin. It smells of mysterious leather and rose. I handpicked the yarrow from the fields surrounding our house, then died the flowers and infused olive oil with them.
two small boxes with different colored flowers in them
@whitewitchcottage posted to Instagram: Breathtaking black floral vegan soap. Topped with colorful flowers made of vegan glycerin. This stunning soap is lavender scented, perfect for your upcoming spring equinox self care ritual, or gift for natural cosmetics lover or forest witch, like myself. ***Please keep in mind these are handmade
four different types of wooden trays with text that reads coffin trays gothic bathroom decor
Coffin trays for your bathroom
Australian made wood coffin trays. Gothic bathroom decor + occult homewares for vamps
three pieces of glass sitting next to each other on a black surface with water droplets
Mini crystals, quartz assorted soap
Wildcrafted self care filled with positive by WhiteWitchCottage
two cakes with white icing on them sitting next to each other in front of a black background
Frankincense and myrrh vegan dripping skull soap from @whitewitchcottage. #frankincense #skulls #darkart #obscure_of_our_world #occult #witchcraft #witchy #witchesofinstagram #gothgirls #total_gothic
two pieces of soap sitting next to each other
Wildcrafted self care filled with positive intent. by WhiteWitchCottage
Crystal patchouli soap by WhiteWitchCottage
two soaps sitting next to each other on a black surface with flowers in the background
Honey ginger and geranium vegan black soap with red 3d skull unusual spooky gift idea
Due to popular demand skulls are back! These feature a black base with soap confetti imbeds and a red 3d skull on top made of vegan glycerin. I will surely turn you bathroom into a sweet/spicy witchy, gothy, spooky relaxing place, with a scent of honey, ginger and geranium. Use it for decor, self
a yellow triangle shaped object with a skull in it's center on top of a book
Ouija planchette witchcraft magik vegan soap with skull or crow, forest witch or pumpkin spice sce
The veil is thinning can you feel it? Selfcare witchcraft bath ritual anyone? I love these, full size Ouija planchette soaps for all your witchy/Samhain/yule/ goth decor. These vegan glycerin soaps are made to order so you can customize with the choice of: * 3 Coulours: red, blue or yellow * clear
turmeric and papaya soap recipe with text overlay that reads turmetic and papaya soap recipe
Turmeric Papaya Cold Process Soap - Tweak and Tinker
This cold process soap recipe uses papaya, turmeric and essential oils to create a skin nourishing soap. Adding fresh ingredients is a great technique to spice up your handmade soap making. #coldprocess #DIY #soap #handmade
four pieces of soap sitting on top of a colorful table cloth with chocolate flakes all over it
¡Bienvenidos! | Alétheia - Jabón artesanal
"Café & Almendras" es un jabón artesanal muy cremoso e hidratante. Esta lleno de aditivos que le dan una espuma cremosa, como el yogur de cabra y puré de almendras ecológico. Además, es ligeramente exfoliante gracias a los gránulos de café incorporados. Soy apasionada del jabón artesanal. Te invito a preguntarme lo que quieras sobre el tema en el forum de Alétheia:
a white object sitting on top of a moss covered rock
Vegan glycerin raven skull Halloween goth soaps
These vegan glycerin soaps measure aprox 4x 1.5 and smell of new leather, they are handmade one by one in our workshop on the edge of the boreal forest. Inspired by our crows that visit regularly in the winter time, they are great for goth decoration and self care rituals. Make Halloween everyday.