Clans in Scotland. The Johnstones were and are a lowland clan settled near but not in Glasgow. Our current clan chieftain is Patrick Hope-Johnstone, Earl of Annadale and Hartfell.

Clans in Scotland. The Raineys were a sept in the Macdonald clan. They inhabited the north western islands off Scotland. Utterly fascinated by Scottish history.

+~+~+~ Johnston Tartan ~+~+~+ Powerful Border Clan who pursued a deadly feud with the Maxwells. Their stronghold was Lochwood Tower, near Beattock, which was burned down by the Maxwells in 1593. The tartan was first published in the Vestiarium Scoticum in 1842. Before that time border tartans were generally un-named. More likely the tartan came from the Aberdeenshire Johnstons, whose family seat is at Caskieben, Blackburn.

+~+~+~ Johnston Tartan ~+~+~+ Powerful Border Clan who pursued a deadly feud…

Johnston clan- AKA Johnstone

Clan Johnstone - also the Johnstone Clan tartan and some Clan History and pictures and paintings.

Johnston Family Crest

Johnston Coat of Arms / Johnston Family Crest - The Johnstons were a powerful clan famous in Border song and story. They derived their name from a barony of Johnston in Annandale, and the name occurs .

Johnstone Clan Crest

Clan member crest badge - Clan Johnston "Never unprepared"