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The Ultimate List of Educational Websites

This site has 30+ recipes of different sensory ideas.

Art and Sensory Recipes! So, how many times do you search online for the perfect play dough recipe, or the exact parts to oobleck? This website compiled a list of great art recipes to use in the classroom and at home - get ready to get messy!

Printable Booklet: Christmas Games For Preschoolers

YOU will need this one KAREN room mother GOLD /Good stuff here!My Delicious Ambiguity: Free Printable Booklet: Christmas Games For Toddlers & Preschoolers

Learning English with Michelle: 144 Things Canada Has Given the World

On Canada's birthday, 144 things Canadians have given to the world apart from Canadians.

Jumping Off the Bandwagon - English Language Arts - Lesson Planet Community Forums

"As Seen On TV" advertisement--teach your class to be critical consumers

Christmas Around the World for Older Kids | Holidays Aroun

Christmas Around the World for Older Kids | Holidays Around the World

poppy paper flower

DIY Project Autumn Wedding: How to make paper flowers (Part 1)

Make these beautiful poppies using crepe papers, tissue paper and floral wires. Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a bouquet in under 10 minutes by papercrafting with crepe paper, glue, and crepe paper.

Persuasive Writing Unit - Writing Persuasive Advertisements

Persuasive Writing Unit - Writing Ads - Includes Graphic Organizers

Engaging 10 day unit that will have your students analyzing advertisements, developing an understanding of critical components of persuasive writing, and writing and presenting their own persuasive advertisements.