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Veterans Day Books for Kids

This looks like there are some children's books for Veterans Day that might be good, and some ideas that look a little like recall but I could expand on these.

A peaceful day: Anzac Day Picture Books - updated, excellent list

Young soldier Jim McLeod waits in the trenches of World War I for the order to attack the enemy. With him are his friends, and Nipper, the messenger dog. When they charge across no-man's-land, Jim is shot . and finds himself face to face with an enemy

H Is for Honor: A Millitary Family Alphabet (Alphabet Books) by Devin Scillian,

H Is for Honor: A Millitary Family Alphabet by Devin Scillian - Presents a children's A to Z alphabet book on military families, explaining experiences of military children, the different branches, and other related topics.


Veterans Day is just around the corner. Here is a closer look at all that is included in my Veterans Day unit.