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a figurine of an old man holding a box
Rucus Studio Curiosity Shop
Rucus Studio Curiosity Shop
a man dressed in red and gold standing next to a fire place with christmas decorations
Santa at Neiman Marcus
a santa claus figurine holding a christmas tree in front of a sign that says santa claus
Rucus Studio Curiosity Shop
Rucus Studio Santa Claus
a figurine of santa claus holding a teddy bear in his hand and wearing a red hat
Antique/vintage Santa, polymer clay, 19" tall- used tapestries and vintage lace. One of a kind.
a santa claus figurine holding a lantern and bird on his left hand, standing on a wooden table
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a santa claus doll sitting on top of a sleigh next to christmas decorations
Stone Soup Santas | Collectable Handcrafted Santa Figures
Sled Scene Santa by Shelie and Richard McCall of Stone Soup - 36" tall
a santa clause figurine with many ornaments on it
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Father Hans Gliederpuppe Father Hans Gliederpuppe Klaus stands about 31 inches tall and is mounted on a 11inch x 11inch oak wood base. His face and hands are hand painted bisque with brown glass eyes. His beard and hairs are made from Angora goat fur. His gown is made from designer fabric in a dark taupe shimmery fabric that is trimmed in antique gold metallic decorative trim around the sleeves edge and bottom edges of his gown. Z
a man dressed in red and gold with a fur coat over his shoulders, standing on a white background
1990-1999 Time Period Manufactured Collectible Holiday & Seasonal Figurines for sale | eBay
a gnome sitting on top of a trunk filled with christmas decorations and other stuff items
New - 18" Trunk Santa
Troutman Originals Handsculpted Santas: New - 18" Trunk Santa
an old man dressed as santa claus holding a sleigh
Gorgeous 30" tall Santa holding bridge with boy walking his lamb. Large toy bag filled to the brim also. Beautiful detail by Norma & David DeCamp (Dec. 2012)
a santa clause doll next to a christmas tree with other dolls and toys on the table
Angie's Unique Creations - SANTA WEARING A MINK FUR COAT